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Backstage stocks an extensive array of CAIG cleaners, lubricants, enhancers, preservatives, and accessories for electronic, electrical and mechanical applications. CAIG’s familiar and trusted DeoxIT® products are environmentally safe and CAIG is constantly developing new products and applicators.

CAIG Cleaning Solutions™ offers a unique retail cleaning product line for improving the performance and reliability of all consumer electronics equipment.

Contact Cleaners | Connector Enhancers | Lubricants | Degreasers | Solvents | Shielding Compounds | Greases | Conductive Inks | Lint-Free Accessories

Environmentally-Safe Contact Cleaners & Connector Enhancing Treatments

DeoxIT ® | DeoxIT ® GOLD | DeoxIT ® SHIELD | DeoxIT ® FaderLube | DeoxIT ® AxeWipes

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